The fly fisher | The Essence and essentials of fly fishing

The fly fisher | The Essence and essentials of fly fishing

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This updated edition of The Fly Fisher shows the most beautiful fishing spots, self-tied flies, and the right equipment for this increasingly popular lark of leisure


Combining a connection with nature with a tranquil physical pastime, fly fishing is the perfect balance for those searching for a bit of peace and quiet and an outdoor activity. This new edition of The Fly Fisher is a celebration of both the community and artistry of a sport with an ever-growing global appeal. By showing a new generation of aficionados alongside an established, avid band of global fishers, we take a refreshing overview on the essence of the sport, while showing how to care for nature and connect with the environment.


Whether in the hands of those who claim wading and waiting in the water as a practiced pastime or those curious minds that have yet to cast a line, The Fly Fisherexhibits a world of stunning locales, gear essentials, and knot patterns. Profiles of fly fishing legends and members of a fresh new generation of enthusiasts provide the first comprehensive discussion of the sport and an unparalleled overview of its artistry.

Expect exclusive illustrations of fish species and self-tied flies, as well as tips to finding the perfect stance and the proper grip. Presented alongside vibrant imagery of various locations from the balmy salt waters of Florida to the rugged remoteness of Kamchatka, Russia, The Fly Fisher reveals how this rapidly growing outdoor activity creates both a sense of sport and sense of spirit.

Editors: Thorsten Strüben, Jan Blumentritt, Maximilian Funk, gestalten
Release date: August 2020
Format: 9 1⁄2×11 3⁄4 inches
Features: Full color, hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-3-89955-146-4

For over 15 years, fly fishing has been the elixir of life for Thorsten Strüben. He is an instructor with the European Fly Fishing Association where he teaches budding fly fishers the discipline. Strüben also acts as an ambassador for Loop, the largest tackle manufacturer in the industry. In The Fly Fisher, he combines his knowledge of the scene with his technical expertise.


A freelance creative director from Hamburg and an active fly fisher for several years, Jan Blumentritt and his friends partake in fly-fishing adventures as much as possible. Blumentritt also joins anglers and fly tyers on fishing expeditions as a photojournalist.